5 manieren om je decemberoutfit het hele jaar door te dragen

5 ways to wear your holiday outfit all year long

The party is over, it’s January again! We had a good time during the holidays, but I’m always happy when it’s over and we can focus on the new year. A year full new ideas and, of course, full of fresh vintage.

This week I enjoyed a few hours of shopping therapy in the city center of Rotterdam. The mega sale was going on and going strong and there was still so much clothing that I wondered if they’d sold anything at all these last few months. There were big piles and bulging clothing racks with tags screaming 30% discount! 50% discount! And even 70% discount! So you could say that this is the perfect moment to buy your outfit for the holidays for the end of 2019. But I wonder, why should you only wear sequins and glitter during the holidays? I think we should wear them during the whole year, but maybe with some small adjustments.

So don’t store your glitter dress before reading these 5 tips:

1. Wear casual footwear under your outfit

Just throw your heels in a corner and instead choose sneakers, Dr. Martens, cowboy boots or other shoes that won’t kill your feet (Nope, I really don’t believe your ‘but I just looooove heels, could wear them allllll day!’ I just don’t). Wearing casual footwear is an easy way to create a street look style and to keep wearing that gorgeous dress or skirt. On the other hand, if you bought very flashy heels for New Years Eve, don’t put them back in the box yet, but combine them with army trousers or jeans. It’s all about putting contrast in your outfit, people!

5 manieren om je decemberoutfits het hele jaar door te dragen5 manieren om je decemberoutfits het hele jaar door te dragen

2. Add denim or plaids to your look

Denim and plaids down dress every outfit. Wear your sparkling top on a pair of ripped jeans or a Scottish skirt. Especially sequins combined with the colors and patterns of plaids give your outfit a whole other dimension. Another way is wearing a denim or checked blouse over your dress. Just tie the blouse in the waist and you can keep wearing that sequined dress every month of the year.

5 manieren om je decemberoutfits het hele jaar door te dragen5 manieren om je decemberoutfits het hele jaar door te dragen5 manieren om je decemberoutfits het hele jaar door te dragen

3. Dress down your outfit with a sweater or T-shirt

Only a few pieces of clothing are as casual as a sweater or T-shirt. Of course, there are a lot of fancy ones, but in general we don’t have piles of those in our closet. So you could say this is the perfect item to pair your dress, trousers of skirt with. Just imagine the combination of a satin slip dress and a chunky cable knitted sweater. The contrast in materials, the femininity and shininess of the dress combined with the matte details of the sweater, makes it a lovely combination. And you want to hear a big advantage? No more struggles with strapless bras or tape, because you can just wear your bra under the dress. No one will notice.

4. Wear a T-shirt or turtle neck under your dress

The 90s are back again and let’s be happy about that. I would like to say that it was all far ahead of my time, but unfortunately, I lived it all very consciously. Actually, not unfortunately at all, because I remember it being a great time! When I think of T-shirts under dresses, I immediately think of Friends. In the show you saw Monica and Rachel wear it a lot and I really had to get used to it in the beginning. In fact, I couldn’t get used to it at all, because I thought it was awful and therefore have never worn it myself. I especially couldn’t appreciate white T-shirts under dark dresses. Now I must say I’ve never worn a lot of white (except for my wedding dress), but that is slowly changing. I even bought my first white T-shirt last year and I felt pretty good in it. Strange how your taste can change over the years. Anyways, back to the combo T-shirt-party dress. It’ll give a grunge vibe to your outfit, which is always a good idea in my honest opinion. And it doesn’t have to be a white shirt, you can also use a different color or T-shirt with print. Just have fun with it!

5 manieren om je decemberoutfits het hele jaar door te dragen

5. Wear pants under your dress

I’ve saved this one for last, because for many people it’s a, let’s just say, special combination; wearing pants under your dress. I sometimes wear it since last summer and that started unintentionally. I didn’t know what to wear to a party organized at my work and doubted between a pair of trousers or a dress. I tried the dress first, but I found it to be too dowdy for the occasion. So I put my pants on before taking off the dress. Now, this model has high splits on the sides and this created a very cool effect with the skinny jeans. I decided to pair it with my Dr. Martins and went to Amsterdam for some drinks, food and fun. Some colleagues had some question marks in their eyes, but I loved it (and that’s what it’s all about).

Do you also want to rock this combination? Then preferably choose a long dress in a slimmer model that has high splits on the sides. If you have a long dress hanging in your closet for years that you never wear, because you buy a new one every year for the holidays, then unpick it at the sides until you reach the hips. Fasten it there with a couple of stitches. Make sure it is not too tight at your bottom when you wear jeans, because then you’ll see the pants through it and nobody wants that. Be inspired by the photos below and try it yourself. You’ll see, it can lead to very cool combinations!

And we’re done! These were my 5 tips for you to get more out of your December outfits. I hope this article inspired you and that you’ll wear your holiday outfit more often during the year. It’s a waste keeping your shiny pieces in your closet only to enjoy it during those special occasions. A 6th tip as a bonus: Keep your hair, make-up and jewelry simple. Wear your hair loose or put it in a messy bun and only accentuate your eyes or lips. And as you’ve seen at the last picture of tip 1, a cap dresses down even the flashiest outfit!

Have fun!

X Roos


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