Why vintage shopping is DA BOMB!

Why vintage shopping is DA BOMB!

Why vintage shopping is DA BOMB? I guess I do not need to explain this to you at all. You’re on my site (welcome!) and there’s a big chance we share the same love for vintage.

But still let’s just talk about this beautiful subject…

Do you know this feeling? This wonderful, euphoric feeling when you have that beautiful one of a kind jacket in your hands? That jacket that no one else has, that is completely intact and that fits you perfectly?

Mayor score!!!

You probably won’t get this feeling when you shop in one of the big commercial clothing stores. There you can find a piece of clothing in six different sizes and, often, in different colors too. You’ll see it hanging there sadly waiting for its first happy owner.

And I’m not even talking about the quality of the clothing, the circumstances in which there’re made or the environmental conditions. You probably already know this, so much has been written about it. (But in case you’ve missed it: the clothing industry, and I’m talking about fast fashion, is the second largest polluter in the world!!)

But do not get me wrong, I do not want to say that you should not shop at a large chain at all. I also come there sometimes, but it’s just less exciting and creative.

But thank god there’s vintage! Buying a vintage piece of clothing is different. Because where does this beauty come from? Who has worn it? How many previous owners have had fun wearing it? What has it all seen, which countries, parties, etc.? Has it experienced a break-up, or perhaps a proposal? What did it have to endure during a wild night out? You don’t know it and that’s just what makes it so special. The piece has had a life before you that you don’t know nothing about and now it gets the chance to shine again. For YOU!

My own favorites (so far …)

Fortunately, I’ve had a great number of these beautiful moments in my life, mostly here in the Netherlands, but also a number of them abroad. These are my high scores:

Leren western jasjeDonkerblauwe kaftan met rijk versierde pauwZwarte doorknooprok met grote bloemenSuède colorblock gilet

I know! A lot of black and leather and suddenly that flower power blouse. I bought that blouse in a vintage shop in Deventer with my mother and sister … 20 years ago!! And I still wear it often, just like my Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Pearl Jam t-shirts. I still have them, I cherish them and, very important, I still wear them. I’ll never throw them away, that’s for sure. I also love fringes, especially combined with leather (like the leather vest in the picture), nice jackets and flares.

And lucky me! From now on I have the chance to score the best things for the shop, which means for you! I like every single item in the shop, but I got an extra euphoric feeling from these items:

And what about you? What are your vintage high scores? Which piece is so beautiful or special to you that you’ll cherish it forever? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

X Roos

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